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Productions Flamenco Guitar Maestro classes

The DVD and books, produced by our own independent label ‘La Sonanta productions’, are created in close collaboration with the world’s best gypsy flamenco guitar maestros. In these series, renowned flamenco maestros use step-by-step exercises based on their own CD compositions. Following these clear lessons will enable you to reach the final level of our Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes to play along with the Maestros’ stage performance of his CD compositions.


Our goal is not only to provide flamenco guitar lessons, but in addition to focus on the musical flamenco environment as well. Therefore we developed our own new method to learn flamenco, with personality, tradition and passion...The La Sonanta productions offer you practical flamenco guitar lessons by the purest, most passionate and famous flamenco guitarists alive today. Providing practical lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced student levels, the La Sonanta productions not only include technical exercises, complete music sheets of actual well known CD album tracks or multi- camera angles at different speed levels. In addition the La Sonanta productions also include flamenco sceneries, concert footage and inspiring interviews illustrating the artist his personal flamenco cultural live with participations of his closest friends and/or parents...all done to become more immersed in the flamenco culture, to experience and feel yourself the flamenco way of life as an important an essential part of your lessons.


  • Transcription and fingering / Escrito y di music sheets flamenco guitargitado - Rezar Domínguez
  • Executive Producers / Directores de Producción - Gerardo Doumen, Rezar Domínguez
  • Digital scores & tabs / Transcriptión al ordenador y cifra - Robert Bekkers, Rezar Domínguez
  • Photography & art layout / Fotografía y diseño artístico - Marit Schauer, Steen Bentall
  • Translations / Traducciones - Jacky Westerhof , Diana Esteban Barco, Juan Sarria, Marta Flendrig
  • Editing / Montaje - La Sonanta Studios
  • Cameras & sound engineering / Cámaras y técnicos de sonido - Ewan Camaron, GerardoDoumen

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Productions Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes volume 2

DVD Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes DVD Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes

Productions Flamenco Guitar Maestro ClassesProductions Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes

Productions Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes

Productions Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes