Myrddin, a technical virtuoso digging in deep emotions


From Myrddin his CD albums, featuring a phenomenal, original and unique contemporary flamenco, this upcoming flamenco guitar DVD productions will enable you not only to learn the inspiring flamenco guitar techniques of Myrddin his arpeggio,alzapua, tremelo or picado, but also the complete compositions of Ama (Bulerias), Osho (Soleá Por Bulerias) and Calle Bolsa (Bulería). 

Vol 3 Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes 

'La Guitarra Magica de Myrddin'

Official launch September 24th 2011 at the NTGent during his concert with the Gerardo Núñez Quartet.     For more information: 'La Guitarra Magica de Myrddin'

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Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes -

Myrddin flamenco guitar maestro classes

Flamenco Guitar Mestro Classes by Myrddin








In this flamenco guitar DVD production, the maestro and composer In these lessons, available in both DVD and book format, the phenomenon of comtemporary flamenco music, Myrddin, invites us all to learn his unique flamenco guitar technique.

Based on complete compositions from his latest CD, 'Lucia Nieve', Myrddin guides you through his specific techniques of legado, alzapua, tremelo, arpeggio, picado, pulgar and rasgueado, at both normal and slow speeds.

Book Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes by MyrrdinMyrddin demonstrates these techniques in practice by playing three of his compositions, which are then replayed slowly on a split screen with close ups of both the left and right hands and a dynamic on screen compas.

The DVD includes insightful interviews with Myrddin and his family, that discovers the origins of his musical journey and touch upon the philosophy of musical inspiration and composition. The book consists of 112 pages with authentic transcriptions, approved by the maestro, in both standard music notation and tablature. Language in English.DVD flamenco guiatr maestro classes by Myrddin

Born in Belgian in 1978 into a very musical family, Myrddin was surrounded by an variety of musical influences from a very young age. In the early 1990's he followed his passion for flamenco and studied with some of the greatest Spanish flamenco guitar maestros such as Gerardo Nunez, Manolo Sanlucar, Enrique de Melchor and Rafael Riqueni.

Due to his extensive musical background and his hunger to dig deeper into the heart of his music, Myrddin has created a unique style that moves every audience with his marriage of technique and emotion.


Interview recording session flamenco DVD Myrddin

DVD flamenco Myrddin with on screen compass and split screen left right hand